Hi, I’m Emily Call.

Co-Founder of Salesforce Emily

My goal is to create fantastic resources for professionals to pass Salesforce Certifications and solve problems on the Salesforce Ecosystem.

Hi, I’m Jeremy Call.

I am a 15x certified Salesforce Solution Architect here to set you up for overall success in the Salesforce ecosystem. My specialty is mentoring and helping students know how to position themselves to maximize their earnings and work-life balance.

Easy to Watch Training

"I Bought their Associate course on Friday and was certified by noon on Sunday... perfectly condensed coursework AND practice test. Having worked on a Salesforce project before as a Business Analyst, this is a greater way to brush up your memory before truly diving into the Ecosystem."

-Eric M.

Concise & Complete

"The course was a great match for me. And it went straight to the point, with succinct explanation. I just passed the Salesforce associate exam and I can say this course was super helpful. I was previously using the Trailhead Trailmixes for this though they were good, I found they were too long, and this course was absolutely spot on. Thank you Emily and Jeremy for being awesome pacesetters on this."

-Samantha R.

The Best Preparation for Me

"This is a fantastic and easy-to-follow course. It really helped to solidify my understanding to prepare for this certification. As someone who has been learning salesforce online, it was so nice to listen to the lectures and examples. I am so happy to receive my first Salesforce certification today. Thank you!"

-Teresa F.